Strategic Advisory

Strategic Advisory/Business Marketing Consulting:

Every company is unique.  Each business has its own vision, mission and ways to succeed.  One of the key objectives of Crescendo’s consulting process is simple—to make your great business even better without destroying its uniqueness.  Better means:   more efficient, able to support growth, and better able to withstand various market conditions.

Crescendo will thoroughly research your company in order to help assess your business/organization needs and objectives and to determine their feasibility.  Then, we will diagnose your business to determine the “real” problem and identify ways to add value and measure the impact of our consulting services for your company.  Next, we will develop a business analysis and propose practical solutions.  Finally, Crescendo will be involved in implementation and evaluation of selected business strategies with you from A to Z.


Crescendo assists its clients with quantified research and market analysis that will further support design and execution of the most effective and cost-efficient marketing communications initiatives tailored to specific goals and objectives of our clients  in the U.S. and internationally.  

Government & Business Networking

Crescendo principals have direct and indirect access to senior level policymakers and senior corporate executives, both domestically and internationally.  In particular, Crescendo has strong governmental and business relations in much of the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States, former USSR states) including Russia and Ukraine, up to and including the senior ministerial level, as well as similar capabilities in China. For private equity funds, hedge funds and U.S. companies with an interest in investing in the former CIS or China, we can often assist in providing strategic access including direct, in-person meetings, with key senior policymakers and business executives, on a highly confidential basis. We provide similar introductions to international investors and companies seeking to build relations in the U.S.

Prior to engaging with any prospective client, we determine your specific needs and goals and then determine how and if we can assist you in achieving tangible results.