Investor Relations & Strategic Consulting

Both privately-held companies and publicly-traded ones face a similar set of challenges to their growth trajectory, profitability and corporate reputation. These challenges include branding, operational efficiencies, funding for business expansion and public perception. Through an integrated set of related services, Crescendo Communications helps companies to realize their full potential.

Our goal at Crescendo is to minimize our clients’ cost of capital by helping them access capital and attain a market valuation that coincides with the performance of the company.

Capital Advisory

Our capital advisory services division is focused on providing clients with the fastest and most cost effective solution to their capital needs and to identify and minimize risk in the process. We accomplish this in a number of ways.

Strategic Communications

In support of our capital advisory services and as a stand-alone discipline, Crescendo provides a full range of investor relations services. The goal is to formulate a clear and concise message for the investment community and to build an audience of loyal followers and investors.

Strategic Advisory

Every company is unique. Each business has its own vision, mission and ways to succeed. One of the key objectives of Crescendo’s consulting process is simple—to make your great business even better without destroying its uniqueness. Better means: more efficient, able to support growth, and better able to withstand various market conditions.